Heinenoord Holding

The establishment of Heinenoord Holding started late 2016 with negotiations between the management of BeneVia (founded in 1959) and Heinenoord Assuradeuren (founded in 1994) to sell a part of the shares to Qmulus investment group (Geldshop and Acadium Bastion).

The acquisition was effected on january 1, 2017 and the Heinenoord companies were merged with the Geldshop group. In the course of 2017 it becomes clear that credit mediation requires a different management approach than the other financial services activities. For that reason Heinenoord Holding is founded and the non credit mediation companies are placed in this holding. The shareholders are Qmulus Invest en AS Holding. The operating entities initially placed in the holding are Benevia Verzekeringen, Heinenoord Assuradeuren, FlexGarant Assuradeuren, Heinenoord Beurs, Acadium Bastion, Financial and the Belgium activities FSD Group and the Limburgse.

The name of the Holding; Heinenoord Holding


The first big acquisition follows soon. Van Santen group (Capelle aan den IJssel) with a broad range of activities (Bruton Assuradeuren, Nederlandse Branche Polis, Van de Velde en van de Brule Pensions) is acquired.

After some smaller takeovers JohanKnegt in Bussum in the centre of the Netherlands is added to the group at the end of 2018. Among the activities of JohanKnegt is one of the leading propositions for oldtimers, GIO classic car insurance.

By the end of 2019 further acquisitions follow each other in rapid succession. Hokke Vogelaar den Haan (Oud-Beijerland), Attent-Tam (Rotterdam), Pheba (Noordhoek) and Dix Fortuin (Zeist) become part of Heinenoord Holding.

From a local company we have grown to a more geographically spread company, especially after the takeover of Fidus in the south of the Netherlands.

Through this latest acquisition Heinenoord Holding aims for a turnover of close to 40 million euro in 2020 with over 240 employees.


Heinenoord holding holds offices in Heinenoord, Oud-Beijerland, Rotterdam (2x), Dordrecht, Sliedrecht, Rijswijk, Den Haag, Zeist, Bussum, Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Geleen, Maastricht and Maasmechelen in the Neteherlands and in Belgium in Brussel, Hasselt, Antwerpen and Gent

Due to our smart and fast conversion and integration methods we have merged different backoffice systems to our central platform at our head office in Heinenoord.